Photographers Guide to Tasmania - COMING IN 2024

Hello, and thank you for the warm welcome to the Photographers Guide to Tasmania! Coming in early 2024!

It's fantastic to able to help you with your Tasmanian photography from someone like myself who an extensive experience and knowledge of this beautiful island. Let's dive right in and start exploring the regions of Tasmania with your photography expertise.

Once released you will be able to click each heading to go to specific guides of each region

1. Hobart and Surroundings:

  • Capture the iconic Salamanca Market and historic Battery Point.
  • Explore Mount Wellington for breathtaking panoramic views, especially during sunrise or sunset.

2. East Coast:

  • Freycinet National Park offers stunning landscapes, including Wineglass Bay.
  • Sunrise at Binalong Bay is a must for its colourful Bay of Fires rocks.
  • Explore Maria Island for diverse wildlife and historical ruins.

3. Bay of Fires:

  • The fiery orange lichen-covered rocks make for incredible coastal shots.
  • Capture the contrast between the vibrant rocks and the clear turquoise waters.

4. North West Coast:

  • Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park provides dramatic mountainous landscapes.
  • The Tarkine Rainforest offers unique flora and fauna for your lens to capture.

5. West Coast:

  • Strahan and the Gordon River provide opportunities for atmospheric shots.
  • Explore the historic mining town of Queenstown for a glimpse into Tasmania's industrial past.

6. The Tarkine:

  • Stanley's "The Nut" offers a unique geological formation for your compositions.
  • The Tarkine Wilderness boasts ancient forests and wild rivers.

7. Midlands and Central Highlands:

  • Capture the tranquility of the Great Lakes and surrounding landscapes.
  • Explore the historic town of Ross, Oaklands, Campbell Town and Evandale for charming colonial architecture.

8. Aurora Australis and Milky Way:

  • Capture the incredible Southern Lights from Tasmania.
  • Photograph some of the worlds darkest skies from around the island. 

Photography Tips:

  • Golden Hours: Aim to shoot during sunrise or sunset for warm, soft lighting.
  • Seasonal Variations: Each season offers a different perspective, from snow-capped mountains in winter to blooming wildflowers in spring.
  • Weather Preparedness: Tasmania's weather can be unpredictable, so be ready for sudden changes.

Travel Tips:

  • Multiple Trips: Given the diverse landscapes and changing seasons, plan multiple trips to truly experience Tasmania.
  • Local Insights: Connect with local photographers or join photography tours for insider tips.
  • Safety First: When venturing into wilderness areas, prioritise safety and be aware of your surroundings.

This guide will be a fantastic resource for photographers looking to make the most of their time in Tasmania. I'm sure many enthusiasts will greatly appreciate these insights and recommendations. Let's keep exploring and capturing the beauty of Tasmania!

Thank you
Cam Blake

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