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Sunrise Road - South West Tasmania

It was an early morning, fog settled in the valleys and we headed out to the South West region of Tasmania. 

Welcomed by the pristine morning air (-3 celsius) and light, conditions had just the right amount of fog and frost. The field in the middle of the shot is frozen button grass, with the Florentine Valley depth under fog top of frame. 

Interestingly enough off to the left of this image was a handful of folks hiking up the Needles (950m) mountain range to capture similar viewpoint. 

My thoughts around this image was to capture the vast, pristine space that Tasmania's South West is. Using the road, and the white line, I felt it really tied into the white of the frost and fog in the scene. 

Another example of how using the leading lines within a scene to draw your viewer through the image. 

A truely amazing morning where good planning and patience payed off in dividends.

Is it time for you to @discovertasmania? 


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