What is it all for? 

Why take photographs if they are just going to stay stored on a hard drive forever, or just shared online to the masses. There needs to be a purpose.

For some time now I have been asking myself what it's all for? Why do I take photographs and what is the purpose of shooting them?

It has taken me a while to work through my thoughts, even to the point on multiple occasions I have considered packing up and selling the camera gear, and just living out the rest of my days without camera. 

Many have said, "Cam, your work inspires people, it excites people and touches people". Whilst that is lovely to hear, and does drive me to keep going, it's also sometime hard to comprehend how my work can effect others. 

This collection of very special images combine to create my Legacy Collection; I know, sounds a bit silly hey? A bit too self indulgent? Hear me out...

These photographs are the special ones to me; the magic moments I have been lucky enough and privileged to witness and capture through my lens. The moments where I have witnessed something truely special in nature, on my own, in my element without a soul around to witness something that no one else will ever see again. 

The Legacy Collection is unique to me, Cam Blake.The Collection will consist of five (5) different moments in time and will only be printed once, ever!

Why only once I hear you ask? Because that is the exact number of times this moment will be lived and captured by my camera. And once that print is purchased, it will never be available to purchase again. One moment, one person, one print.

  • Each print will be 24x36 inch in size. Printed on professional grade Ilford archival paper by Master Printer Simon Olding from Full Gamut in Hobart. Guaranteed to last at least 100 years.
  • Each photograph will be professionally and beautifully framed in Tasmanian hardwood - (Huon Pine, Blackwood, Myrtle, you choose)
  • Each photograph will be hand signed by Cam Blake and supplied with a beautiful back story to the moment the image was taken and authentication certificate. 

These photographs are my Legacy. I want them to become timeless pieces of art from my time as a wilderness/landscape Photographer.  

They are my version of a "collectors item"; A one off, single frame photograph (no composites or digital creations here), a moment in my time, printed only once ever and framed for you to cherish and pass on for years to come. 

These photographs are my very personal favourites from a moment in time that represented so much more then a click of the shutter and I hope they can become something special for you and your family.

Each framed photograph is priced to become an investment for your private art collection, addition to your beautiful home or to compliment your place of business. 

Thank You

Cam Blake

"the Legacy Collection"




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