Overland Track Women's April Tour - April 18th Departure - 2022

Cam Blake Photography

April Departure 2022

Women's Empowered Walk


6 days of Tasmanian wilderness is a bucket list item for many. The Overland Track is rated within the Top 10 of world walks, not bad for a track on a small island, miles away from everywhere. The track consist of 6 days walking from the iconic Cradle Mountain to Australia's deepest lake, Lake St Clair. 65km of wilderness beauty where we traverse through the World Heritage Region of Tasmania, where you will experience rugged peaks, open plains, untamed rivers and jurassic landscapes. 

This Overland Track Women's Tour is unique as you will carry your own hiking pack, set up your own tent each night and embrace the freedom of hiking the Tasmanian wilderness along with taking on a tough journey of self-empowerment. You'll get the full "real deal" experience of walking this iconic track, not these ultra glamping options that can be offered by others.

With our experience you will walk away with an amazing sense of confidence and achievement, and return with a new sense of empowerment.

You will be required to have a good base level of fitness and we will expertly prepare you in the lead up to your hike with training and gear advise. By the time we take those first few steps you will be ready and raring to conquer the track!

This is the ultimate trip within Tasmania and one that over 6000 people per year complete. It has everything you require from a hiking trip and you will be fulfilled when you complete this world famous journey, with stunning photos to show off to your family and friends. For more information on the Overland Track check out the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife site here

What is included?

  • Accomodation - track accomodation is in tents/camping.
  • Transfers and transport to/from the track
  • Lake St Clair Ferry
  • Tents, backpacks, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, cooking equipment.
  • Hiking gear can be provided if required
  • Meals (hiking meals included
  • All park passes and associated costs

What is NOT included?

  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Carrying your pack

Here are our COVID19 Precautions

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