PhotoTips #5

Shooting in Snow

With winter approaching at a rapid pace it is only goes to be a matter of days before we get our first dose of the fluffy, white powder. I absolutely love shooting in the snow as the landscape completely transforms from normal to Winter wonderland over night. 
So these tips will hopefully help you understand more on how to approach shooting in the snow and how to get the best results. 
  • The predominant feature of shooting in the snow is... the snow. It's white, and it's everywhere. This can cause issues for your exposure and your cameras metering system. 
  • Metering system on all cameras are set to read for the middle tones or 18% grey area of every scene. So to get balanced and accurate metering reading in normal conditions the camera is metering off themed tones of your scene. 
  • If you are shooting a snow scene, this confuses the 

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