Overland Track Transfers - Hobart to Cradle Mountain Start

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All booking are subject to availability. Please contact us on email info@iashuttles.com.au

The service we provide you is YOUR service, catering for YOUR group only, we are in effect your private shuttle to and from the Overland track.

The Overland Track is an adventure that should be included on every explorers to-do list. Spend 6 days trekking 65km through the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness being totally in awe of the sheer beauty in this world renown area.

During peak season (01/10 – 31/05), The track can only be walked North to South and as such there is a booking system in place that is managed and enforced by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife service. The booking system is in place so the Parks and Wildlife service can regulate numbers of hikers on the track, in order to preserve the area.

If you wish to travel during the peak season you MUST make a booking through by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife service. Outside these times the track can be negotiated in either direction, As a result your transport options may differ greatly depending on your direction of travel.

We provide shuttle services as required by you or your group, we can arrange Launceston pick ups and drop offs or the same for Hobart. Prices quoted are for shuttle service only. Please discuss with us if you would like us to secure park passes for you and your group. You are required to make your own ferry bookings (from Narcissus hut, the last hut on the North to South route, to Lake St Claire.

We will happily store any excess gear you may have (free of charge) until we pick you up from the end of your adventure.

Complimentary water and snacks are provided on the journey from Hobart to Cradle mountain.

Hobart to Cradle mountain (Ronny Creek departure point)
$155 per person minimum 4 people

A discount rate of $1000 applies to groups of 7 or more people.

Price quoted is one way/drop off or pick up only

Maximum 12 passengers (more than 12 can be arranged, please contact for details)

  • Collection from your departure point in Hobart and taken to Cradle mountain starting point for the Overland track. Official check in required by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife services, collect Overland track passes (Along with park passes, at your cost) at your point of commencement.
  • Driver will load your gear into the secure trailer while you relax.
  • Includes any stops requested on the return trip, be it food, coffee or comfort breaks.

All booking are subject to availability. Please contact us on email Info@iashuttles.com.au

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